OLANCHA PEAK (12,123 ft.)

Named by Wheeler Survey in 1907

Also Creek, Pass

"The name may have derived from the Olanches Indians. (Sanchez, 297.) 'Olache,' a settlement south of Owens Lake, is shown on Farley's map of 1861. Kroeber suggests it is possible the word is a borrowing from a Yokuts tribe west of the Sierra Nevada who called themselves 'Yaudanchi,' and were called by a neighboring band 'Yaulanchi.' (Kroeber, 51.)

'Olancha Peak' is on the Wheeler Survey atlas sheet 65. The pass and the creek are named on the first Olancha 30' map, 1907. William Crapo told F. H. Wales in 1881 that the word meant 'sleeping beauty.' From the summit of Mt. Kaweah the reclining figure of a woman could be seen on the side of Olancha Peak -- arms across abdomen, hair flowing back of head, face and breast clearly visible. (Farquhar files, from Versteeg.)"
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

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