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Thu, May 22, 2008
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Arrow Peak (12,959 ft.)

Named by Bolton Brown in 1895

Also Creek, Ridge

"Bolton Coit Brown named Arrow Peak in 1895 when he made the first ascent. He was wearing boots so worn that his feet 'were almost literally on the ground,' and he was by himself -- but nevertheless he went up the northeast spur. 'More than once the ridge narrowed to an actual edge which I had to straddle and hitch along. ... A sharp rock cut the bare sole of my foot, but not deeply. ... About midday I clambered up the last and summit rock ... and swept my eyes around. It was perfect. ... A sense of profound peace came over me. It was so still I heard only the ringing in my ears.' (SCB 1, no. 8, May 1896: 307-8. Also a sketch map on p. 302 and a sketch of Arrow Peak on p. 306.) 'Arrow Peak' and 'Arrow Creek' first appeared on the 1907 Mt. Whitney 30' map; the USGS added 'Arrow Ridge' on the Mt. Pinchot quad in 1953."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada
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