Cathedral Rocks P500

Sun, Nov 3, 2002

With: Dave Daly
Michele Beatty

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later climbed Sat, Apr 16, 2005

Cathedral Rocks (6,644 ft.)

Named by California Geological Survey in 1863

Also Spires

"James M. Hutchings named Cathedral Spires in September 1862. The California Geological Survey named 'Cathedral Rock' in 1863. (Whitney, Geology, 410.) Both names were on King and Gardiner's 1865 map of Yosemite Valley.

'From one point, these spires appear symmetrical, of equal height, squarely cut, and rising above the edge of the cliff behind exactly like two towers of a Gothic cathedral.' (Whitney, The Yosemite Book, 58.)

'The Cathedral Rocks and Spires, known as Poo-see-na-chuc-ka, meaning "Mouse-proof Rocks," from a fancied resemblance in shape to their acorn magazines or caches.' Bunnell, Discovery, 1911:217.)

An earlier name for the rocks was 'The Three Graces." (Hutchings, In the Heart, 400.)"

- Peter Browning, Yosemite Place Names

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