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Sun, Aug 1, 1993
White Mountain
Mt. Conness
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White Mountain later climbed Thu, Jun 10, 2004
Mt. Conness later climbed Thu, Jun 10, 2004

Mt. Conness (12,590 ft.)

Named by Whitney Survey in 1864

Also Creek and Glacier

"John Conness (1821-1909), a native of Ireland, came to the US in 1836; member of the California legislature, 1853-54, 1860-61, US senator; 1863-69; lived in Massachusetts from 1869 until his death.

The peak was named in 1863 by the Whitney Survey -- for good reason. 'Mount Conness bears the name of a distinguished citzen of California, now a United States Senator, who deserves, more than any other person, the credit of carrying the bill organizing the Geological Survey of California, through the Legislature.' (Whitney, Yosemite Guide-Book, 1870, footnote 100.) Conness also introduced the bill in the Senate that granted Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove to the state.

'Conness Peak' and the creek are on the Wheeler Survey atlas sheet 56D, 1878-79; the lakes and glacier appear on the Tuolumne Meadows 15' map, 1956."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

"Before concluding his work with the Whitney Survey at the end of the summer of 1866, King conducted a surveying party to Tuolumne Meadows. They climbed Mount Dana twice and spent a cold night in their blankets near the summit of Mount Conness."
- Francis P. Farquhar, History of the Sierra Nevada

James Gardiner was with King for the first ascent of Mt. Conness on September 1, 1866.

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