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Mt. Gayley SPS / WSC

Sun, Aug 6, 2000

With: Mark Connell

Mt. Sill
Mt. Gayley
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Mt. Sill later climbed Thu, Aug 14, 2003
Mt. Gayley later climbed Thu, Aug 14, 2003

Mt. Gayley (13,510 ft.)

Named by Sierra Club in 1938

"In honor of Prof. Charles Mills Gayley of the English Department, University of California, Berkeley. The name was proposed by the Sierra Club sometime before 1939. (Letter, David Brower to C. A. Ecklund, USGS, March 7, 1951, in Farquhar files.) Although the name appears on four maps, the summit is on the Big Pine 15' and the Split Mtn. 7-1/2' quads."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

"Golden Bears

In 1895, the University of California track & field team was the dominant power on the West Coast and decided to challenge several of the top teams in the Midwest and East on an eight-meet tour that is now credited by many historians as putting Cal athletics onto the national scene. As a symbol of the University, Regent Arthur Rodgers, class of 1872, commissioned a blue silk banner emblazoned with a golden grizzly bear, the symbol of the state of California. The banner was carried by the team on its successful tour, which saw them win five of the eight competitions. Cal athletic fans were so ecstatic over the team's performance that Professor Charles Mills Gayley was inspired to write the song, 'The Golden Bear.'"

(Air: "The Pope")
(Repeat last two lines of each verse)

Oh, have you seen the heavens blue,
heavens blue,
When just seven [eight?] stars are shining
through, shining through,
Right overhead a jovial crew --
They're joining hands to make the Bear.

And oh, that Bear's a glorious sight,
glorious sight,
A-circling 'round the pole all night,
pole all night,
And once you've seen him
you're all right,
You've seen our California Bear.

He has a very patient air, patient air,
He wears a Paderewski hair, 'reski hair,
He's center rush, in the heavens I swear,
Our silent, sturdy Golden Bear!

Oh, have you seen our banner blue,
banner blue,
The Golden Bear is on it, too, on it, too,
A Californian through and through,
Our totem, he, our Golden Bear!

--Charles Mills Gayley

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