Mt. Goode P750 SPS / WSC
Mt. No Goode

Mon, Jul 8, 2002

With: Paul Homchick

Mt. Goode
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Mt. Goode (13,085 ft.)

Named by USGS in 1909

"Richard Urquhart Goode (1858-1903), a topographer and geographer with the USGS. In the 1907-09 survey for the Mt. Goddard 30' map, the USGS placed Goode's name on a peak that was already named: Black Giant. The name 'Mt. Goode' was where 'Black Giant' now is on the first three editions of the map. The appropriate correction was made by a BGN decision in 1926, and beginning with the fourth edition (1928) 'Black Giant' replaced 'Mt. Goode,' while the latter was applied to a previously unnamed peak on the main crest of the Sierra. (Farquhar.)"
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

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