San Ysidro Mountain P900 HPS / SDC / DS
White BM SDC
The Thimble SDC
Chimney Rock
Granite Mountain P1K HPS / SDC / DS

Sat, Nov 27, 2004
White BM
The Thimble
Chimney Rock
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"Granite, referring to a rock formation, is a term used to name more than fifty geographic features in mountainous areas of the state. The cluster name between the Middle and South Forks of the Kings River, where large masses of granite are found, originated with the Whitney Survey. Placer Co. has a Granite Chief, Inyo Co. a Granite Park, and Madera Co. a Granite Stairway. Sometimes the name has been applied to settlements: Granite Gate, [Los Angeles Co.], Granite Creek [Madera Co.] and Granite Hill [El Dorado Co.]. In some cases the places may have been named for the 'Granite State,' New Hampshire.
- Erwin G. Gudde, California Place Names
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