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Fri, Oct 15, 2010

With: Steve Sywyk

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Kaiser Peak (10,310 ft.)

Also Ridge, Creek, Pass, Meadow

"It is odd that such a widespread name, including also 'Kaiser Wilderness', has no definitely known origin. 'Kaiser or Keyser: both are used locally. The name is very old, and its rightful spelling unknown. I remember hearing the old miners speak of Kaiser Gulch (a placer district) way back in 1862, the year of the big flood; but I know nothing as to the name.' (Letter, Lil A. Winchell to T.S. Solomons, April 1896, in SC Papers in BL.) 'Kaiser Gulch' appears on Hoffman's map of Central California, 1873. Bancroft's map of 1882 has 'Kaiser Creek.' 'Kaiser Peak,' Kaiser Peak Meadows,' 'Kaiser Pass,' 'Kaiser Creek Diggings' (now the location of a Forest Service station), and 'West Fork Kaiser Creek' all appeared on the first Kaiser 30' map, 1904, and were probably added by the USGS. The present 'Kaiser Ridge' was 'Kaiser Crest' on the 30-minute map from 1904 through 1939, then was unnamed until 1953. The 'Kaiser Ridge' on the Shuteye Peak quad is a different formation altogether."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada
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