Ruby Peak
Mt. Mills SPS / WSC

Sat, Aug 9, 2008

With: Tom Becht

Mt. Mills
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Ruby Peak previously climbed Thu, Aug 28, 2003
Mt. Mills previously climbed Fri, Jul 2, 1999

Mt. Mills (13,451 ft.)

Named by Sierra Club in 1910

Also Creek, Lake, Millbrae

"In the 1860's Darius O. Mills (1825-1910), a San Francisco banker and promoter, acquired part of the Buri Buri Rancho and built his residence south of the townsite. The name Millbrae (brae is Scottish for 'hill slope') was applied to the railroad station, and in 1867 to the post office. The San Francisco Municipal Airport was originally called Mills Field, because it was acquired from the estate. At the suggestion of the Sierra Club, of which Mills was a charter member [and likely a large source of monetary funds], the name was applied [to Mount Mills and Mills Creek] by the BGN after his death in 1910."
- Erwin Gudde, California Place Names

"Darius Ogden Mills (1825-1910), banker and philanthropist; founder and namer of the city of Millbrae; founder of the Carson and Colorada Railroad; a charter member of the Sierra Club. (Historic Spots, 119, 305, 403.) The mountain was named at the suggestion of the Sierra Club after Mills' death. The mountain and creek were named on the first edition of the Mt. Goddard 30' map, 1912. 'Upper' and 'Lower Mills Creek Lake' were named in 1943 by William . Dill of the DFG. (DFG survey.)"
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

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