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Polemonium Peak WSC

Fri, Aug 4, 2000

With: Mark Connell

North Palisade
Polemonium Peak
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North Palisade later climbed Wed, Aug 21, 2002
Polemonium Peak later climbed Wed, Aug 21, 2002

North Palisade (14,242 ft.)

Named by Whitney Survey in 1864

"The Palisades were named by the Brewer party of the Whitney Survey in 1864. '... along the Main crest of the Sierra, is a range of peaks, from 13,500 to 14,000 feet high, which we called "the Palisades." ... they were very grand and fantastic in shape.' (Whitney, Geology, 393.)

The Wheeler Survey used the names 'Northwest Palisade' for North Palisade and 'Southeast Palisade' for Split Mountain in 1878. (Wheeler Survey, Tables, 19.) In 1879 Lil A. Winchell called North Palisade 'Dusy's Peak.' (Winchell, 160.) In 1895 Bolton C. Brown named it for David Starr Jordan, and also called the Palisades the 'Saw-Tooth Mountains.' (SCB 1, no. 8, May 1896: 296-97.) Jordan's name was later given to a peak on the Kings-Kern Divide, and J. N. LeConte prevailed over Winchell. 'I have called the peak merely the North Palisade, and now ask you if you cannot ... put Dusy's name on some less imposing mass, and give us a name to be handed down through all time.' (Letter, LeConte to Winchell, Feb. 23, 1903, in SC papers in BL.)
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

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