(9,705 ft.)

Named by USGS in 1903

Also Lake

"A descriptive name applied by the USGS during the 1903 survey for the Tehipite 30' map; it is on the first edition, 1905. It was called 'Devils Tombstone' on Lt. Davis's map of 1896. Davis had the name 'Obelisk Mt.' on what is now 'Crown Rock' (named 'Crown Mountain' by Frank Dusy about 1870). The USGS may have borrowed the 'Obelisk' name and moved it three miles south.

Mount Clark was first named 'Obelisk' by the Whitney Survey, and the Clark Range was sometimes called the 'Obelisk Group.' (Whitney, Yosemite Guide-Book, 1870, 108.)'Obelisk Lake,' less than a mile northeast of Mount Clark, is the only remaining use in Yosemite of the early name."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

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