(11,374 ft.)

(8,453 ft.)

Named by John C. Fremont in 1848

(8,322 ft.)

(4,576 ft.)

(1,608 ft.)

(1,302 ft.)

(1,172 ft.)

Also River, Valley, Lake, Point

"Richard Owens was a member of John C. Fremont's third expedition (1845-46). 'That Owens was a good man it is enough to say that he and Carson were friends. Cool, brave, and of good judgement; a good hunter and good shot; experienced in mountain life; he was an acquisition, and proved valuable throughout the campaign.' (Fremont, Memoirs, 1887, 427.)

The party split up at Walker Lake, Nevada. Fremont, Carson, and Owens crossed the Sierra via Donner Pass. Walker, Kern and others went south and crossed via Walker Pass. 'To one of the lakes along their route on the east side of the range I gave Owens' name.' (Fremont, Memoirs, 1887, 455.) Thus the lake was named first. 'Owens River' also appears on Preuss's map of 1848. The names of the valley, the peak, and the point are derived from the lake. The man for whom they were named never saw any of them."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

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