Mt. Cotter P500 SPS / WSC
Fin Dome
Painted Lady
Mt. Rixford P500 SPS

Sun, Sep 14, 2008
Mt. Cotter
Fin Dome
Painted Lady
Mt. Rixford
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Mt. Cotter previously climbed Sat, Jul 15, 2000
Fin Dome previously climbed Sat, Aug 2, 2003
Mt. Rixford previously climbed Sat, Aug 7, 2004

Painted Lady (12,119 ft.)

"The peak was called 'The Pyramid' by Bolton C. Brown in 1899. (SCB 3, no. 2, May 1900: 136, 142.) By at least as early as 1910 it was known as 'Colored Lady.' (SCB 8, no. 1, Jan., 1911: photo opp. 65.) That name did not appear on the maps. 'Painted Lady' is first seen on the 15-minute quad, 1953."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada
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