Pyramid Peak P500 SPS

Fri, Nov 2, 2007

With: Matthew Holliman

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Pyramid Peak (12,778 ft.)

Named by J.N. LeConte in 1902

"The peak probably was named by J. N. LeConte. In June 1902, he and four others made an ascent of Arrow Peak from the south. 'Immediately in front to the north were the snow-fields of Arrow Peak, and to the northeast there towered high above us an unnamed, unknown peak guarded by splendid precipices.' (SCB 4, no. 3, Feb. 1903: 181.) Four months later, in his list of peaks in the Sierra Nevada over 12,000 feet, LeConte listed the 'unnamed, unknown peak' as 'Pyramid.' (SCB 4, no. 4, June 1903: 291.) It is named on the first Mt. Whitney 30' map, 1907."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

"Some twenty-five features in California - mostly Peaks, Rocks, and Hills - are called Pyramid because of their shape. Among these are two high peaks in Sequoia National Park and in Inyo Co., and Pyramid Head on San Clemente Island."

- Erwin G. Gudde, California Place Names

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