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Fri, Jul 22, 2011

With: Matthew Holliman

Mt. Silliman
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Mt. Silliman (11,253 ft.)

Also Pass, Lake, Crest, Creek, Meadow

"Named by Brewer's party of the Whitney Survey in 1864.

Benjamin Silliman Jr. (1816-1885), professor of chemistry at Yale, 1847-85. Brewer had studied agricultural chemistry under Silliman.

The mountain, creek, and crest were named on the first Tehipite 30' map, 1905. The lake appeared on the fourth edition, 1929, and the meadow and the pass on the fifth edition, 1939. The meadow was called 'Cahoon Meadow' on the first four editions."
- Peter Browning, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada

Both Whitney and Brewer had studied at Yale.

"Tuesday, June 28, we [Brewer, King, Gardiner, and Cotter] had a fine clear morning, and four of us started to visit a peak a few miles distant. We had a rough trail, over sharp ridges, and finally up a very steep pile of granite rocks, perhaps a thousand feet high, to the peak, which is over eleven thousand feet high, and which we called Mount Silliman, in honor of Professor Silliman, Junior."
- William Brewer, Up and Down California

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