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Thu, Dec 7, 2006
Smith Mountain
Granite Knob
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Smith Mountain (9,540 ft.)

Also Meadow

"'Hetch-Hetchy is claimed by a sheep-owner, named Smith, who drives stock into it every summer, by a trail which was built by Joseph Screech. It is often called Smith's Valley.' (John Muir in Overland Monthly, July 1873: 49-50.) Cyril C. Smith, originally from Maine, built a cabin in the meadow in 1885. (SCB 36, no. 5, May 1951: 64.)

Charles F. Hoffmann wrote that he traveled up the Tuolumne River via Hardin's Rancho to Cottonwood Creek and 'ascended the highest peak from which I had an unobstructed view up the Tuolumne Canyon.' He called the peak 'Cottonwood Peak.' (Hoffmann letter to J. D. Whitney, Sept. 10, 1873, in Hoffmann correspondence, BL.) That name appeared on the Wheeler Survey atlas sheet 56D, 1878-79, and on LeConte's, McClure's, and Benson's maps from 1893 to 1896. In 1896 a BGN decision changed the name to Smith Peak, and it appeared that way on the first Yosemite 30' map, 1897. The name 'Smiths Meadow' first appeared on McClure's 1895 map.

Smith did quite well for himself. He wound up owning 500 acres in and adjacent to the floor of Hetch Hetchy Valley, and another 800 acres in Tiltill Valley, at Hog Ranch, and at two other nearby locations. In 1908, during San Francisco's politcal drive to get control of Hetch Hetchy for a reservoir, Smith sold all of his property to the city of San Francisco for $150,000. (YRL files.)"
- Peter Browning, Yosemite Place Names

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