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Wed, Jun 4, 2008
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Sugarloaf Mountain (9,952 ft.)

Name is derived from the appearance of this summit. John Robinson, notes that it resembles "a prolate hemispheroid, hence the name". Originally a descriptive term for the distinctive 1oaf-like" shape of sugar as it was sold in general stores before the era of modem packaging. It eventually became widespread as a generic orthographic term for features whose appearance recalls this shape-when so used it becomes a single word.

The mountain was known as Ata'npa't to the Yuhavetum Serrano Indians, and was a sacred site.

While not named, it is first noted by elevation 8843' (Wheeler 1878).

Its USGS benchmark reads "Loaf”.

Name first appears on USGS Big Bear quad (1901).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List. Weldon Heald climbed this peak in 1938.

- HPS Summit Signatures

"In former centuries sugar was not put up in bags or boxes, but was delivered in the form of a 'loaf' to the grocer, who would break off pieces and sell it by weight. So familiar was the sight of the conoidal sugar loaf that the word was applied to any object of similar form. It finally developed into a geographical generic term, applied to a mountain so shaped, and the map of the United States became dotted with thousands of 'sugar loafs.' California has its share of about a hundred orographic features so named. When used as a descriptive generic term, the name is usually spelled in two words, Sugar Loaf; but when the term is used with Hill, Mountain, Peak, and Butte, it is usually spelled as one word. There is, naturally, an assortment of Sugarloaf Creeks, Lakes, and Meadows, named after a nearby Sugar Loaf."

- Erwin G. Gudde, California Place Names

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