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While I still favor the Sierra Nevada, I can no longer claim to only stray now and then. I'm running out of the higher peaks in the Sierra, so I end up rambling about other parts of California as well as nearby states. If you're interested in a particular peak, they are listed in chronological order below, but not all peak names appear if you try to do a search. There is an alphabetized list below that has all of the peaks listed, just select the letter of interest. Almost all of my hiking/scrambling/climbing involves dayhikes of varying durations, some more than 20hrs in length. This is all part of a somewhat haphazard effort to show that any peak in California can be dayhiked given enough determination. That, and I happen to like hiking - a lot. :-)
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I couldn't help noticing the Philmont shirt in your summit selfie. Our son happened to be on a two week trip in Philmont then. In fact my wife and I were camping in Lee Vining Canyon at the time and we even saw you and the SC participants at the Whoa Nellie on the first day of the Challenge. Would have stopped to say 'hello', but we were on our own 'challenge': To find free WiFi in Lee Vining (found in the public library parking lot). She was constantly afraid that we would miss emergency messages from Philmont regarding broken ankles, snake bites, etc. Of course all that worry was for naught. He came home gushing about the experience. Many thanks to the BSA!
I Loved Philmont - it's like backpacking Disneyland. So many things to do there and such beautiful country. At the farewell campfire they asked who was ready to go back out for another 10 days. I was the only one to raise my hand. The Scouts just wanted to get back on the bus and go home. But they eventually remember the fun stuff.

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2005 Sierra Peaks (39)
11/12 Moses - Peak 10,113ft - North Maggie
11/11 Homers Nose
10/10 Recess Peak - Volcanic Knob
10/9 Silver - Sharktooth - Cockscomb
10/8 Seven Gables
10/7 Mt. Izaak Walton
9/11 Mt. Goddard
9/9 Hooper Peak
8/14 Junction Peak - Diamond Mesa
8/13 Kearsarge Pinnacles
8/12 Balcony - Disappointment - Middle Palisade
8/11 Temple Crag
8/10 Isosceles Peak - Columbine Peak
8/9 Clyde Spires East - Clyde Spires West - Crumbly Spire
8/8 Mt. Mendel
8/7 Mt. Emerson
8/6 Merriam Peak - Royce Peak
8/5 Mt. Hilgard - Pip-squeak Spire
8/4 Mt. Hoffmann - Tuolumne Peak
8/3 Gray Peak
7/7 Huntington - Peak 12,226ft - Crocker
7/5 Crystal Crag
7/3 Herlihy Peak - Pyramid Peak
6/19 Bald Eagle - Piute Lookout - Sorrell
6/18 Angora - Coyote West - 2 others
6/17 Rockhouse Peak - Taylor Dome
5/15 Diamond Peak
5/14 Mt. Dade - Pip-squeak Spire
5/13 Red Lake - Stevens - 2 others
4/18 Upper Pinnacle
4/17 Diving Board
4/16 Cathedral Rocks
4/15 Sierra Point - Grizzly - Broderick
2/27 Skinner Peak - Pinyon Peak
2/26 Bohna Peak - Sunday Peak
2/25 Pilot Knob - Mayan Peak
1/16 Tehachapi - Double - Black
1/15 Chuckwalla - Cross - Butterbredt
1/14 Russell - Deception - 2 others