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While I still favor the Sierra Nevada, I can no longer claim to only stray now and then. I'm running out of the higher peaks in the Sierra, so I end up rambling about other parts of California as well as nearby states. If you're interested in a particular peak, they are listed in chronological order below, but not all peak names appear if you try to do a search. There is an alphabetized list below that has all of the peaks listed, just select the letter of interest. Almost all of my hiking/scrambling/climbing involves dayhikes of varying durations, some more than 20hrs in length. This is all part of a somewhat haphazard effort to show that any peak in California can be dayhiked given enough determination. That, and I happen to like hiking - a lot. :-)
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Small world Bob ! Peg and I backpacked into the head of Jenkins Canyon from the Arnot Creek Trailhead on Aug 2, 2002. We were on a Pilgrimage to locate her recently deceased father, John(s) Deer Camp, where he went for many years.

Our (semi) timberline basecamp in the shadow of Dardanelles Cone was necessary as the upper portion of Jenkins (7900' - 8500') had become the most be-fouled dung fest I have ever seen in the Sierra, so we kept on climbing to try (semi-successfully) and get above this terrible scene.

Anyway, upon our return, we contacted the acting supervisor of Stanislaus National Forest, one Glenn Gottschall at their Sonora Office by (snail) mail. No reply was forthcoming so I re-sent the original letter, this time on Nov. 5, 2002. I cannot find the response (which I remember eventually getting) but basically it was along the lines of "Yes, there was overgrazing in that area, and we are reviewing our policy re. the Grazing Permits".

Since there is still alot of fine Sierra back country to explore, I have not yet returned to see how this area has recovered/healed. Perhaps someone out in Burd Land here who has been back here recently could give us an updated report ?

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2008 Sierra Peaks (38)
10/24 Red Kaweah
10/20 Three Sisters East - Dogtooth Peak
10/6 Kern Peak
9/19 Whaleback
9/14 Cotter - Fin Dome - 2 others
9/12 Wheel Mountain
9/5 Mt. Henry
8/27 Thunder Mountain
8/18 Eagle - Victoria - Robinson
8/17 Mt. Bago
8/16 Pinchot - Wynne - 2 others
8/15 Mt. Robinson
8/14 Mt. Ruskin - Striped Mtn.
8/13 Hurd - Trapezoid - Johnson
8/12 Checkered Demon
8/11 Picture Peak
8/10 Gemini
8/9 Ruby Peak - Mt. Mills
8/8 Electra Peak
8/7 Gilcrest Peak
8/6 Piute Mountain
8/5 Olsen - South - Black
7/31 Lion Rock
7/23 Mt. Gardiner
7/19 Mt. Dana
7/18 Carson Peak
7/17 Treasure Peak
7/12 Royal Arches
7/11 Merced Peak
7/2 Mt. Rose (NV)
6/30 Hawkins Peak - Pickett Peak
6/18 Half Dome
5/31 Mt. Davis
5/22 Arrow Peak
5/13 Weldon Peak - Weldon Peak
5/10 Mt. Carl Heller
4/25 Mt. Silliman
3/27 Silver - Peak 8,426ft - 3 others