Mt. Brewer - 13,570 ft.

Date: TBD

RT Distance: 26.0 miles

Elev. Gain: 9635 ft.

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The easiest access to Mt. Brewer is via Roads End in Kings Canyon, NP. The problem with this trailhead is that the elevation is barely above 5,000 ft, requiring 9,600+ ft of climbing. If you think an approach via Onion Valley might be easier, I measured the total roundtrip elevation gain to be well in excess of 10,000 ft, and more miles to boot. From Roads End, one can approach the peak from the east via East Lake, of from the West through Sphinx Col. The Sphinx Col route is shorter, although there is more cross-country travel, and some elevation loss going over Sphinx Col.




Multi-day Trip Reports

Aug 15, 1981Pete Yamagata
July 15-21, 1994Pete Yamagata
Aug 24, 1990Steve Thaw
Sep 4, 1993Greg Mirna
Aug 4, 1996Douglas Smith
Jul 8, 1998David Harris
Jun 25, 1999Steve Eckert
Aug 27, 1999Bob Burd
Aug 28, 1999Scott Sullivan
Aug 26-28, 2001Mike McDermitt

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