Mt. Humphreys - 13,986 ft.

Wed. Aug 8, 2001 (6a start)

RT Distance: 17.2 miles

Elev. Gain: 4686 ft.

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Mt. Humphreys can be approached from several trailheads. Buttermilk Road provides the shortest approach, but requires about an hour of arduous 4WD navigation. The second approach is via North Lake, easily accessible by 2WD vehicles. The North Lake trailhead provides access via Piute Pass to the easier SW approach of Mt. Humphreys. The elevation of the two trailheads are comparable. Camping is available at North Lake.

6a start at the trailhead.


Bob Burd


9hr40m Aug 8, 2001 Bob Burd
12hr45m Oct 4, 1997 Tina Stough et. al.
13hr45m Oct 6, 2001 Mike McDermitt, Doug Mantle

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