Split Mtn. - 14,058 ft.

Sat. Aug 11, 2001 (5a start)

RT Distance: 15.0 miles

Elev. Gain: 7490 ft.

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Split Mountain is a short hike, but much elevation gain, and a difficult approach by car. The trailhead is accessible only by 4WD, and may require up to two hours just for the driving portion (one hour if you know where you're going). There are also two approaches to the trailhead. The more common one used by the SPS is longer, and begins off the Glacier Lodge Rd, just outside Big Pine. A second approach, of local origin, is shorter and may be easier. It is south of Big Pine, out of the Tinemaha Campground. Both approaches are shown on the driving map.

There is a trail that is not maintained leading from the trailhead to Red Lake. For the most part, it is a straightforward trail to follow. Some parties have found it easy to get off the trail, so careful routefinding may be necessary.

5a start from trailhead.


Bob Burd
David Wright
Toby Kraft


8hr Aug 2, 2001 Josh Swartz
12hr Aug 10, 2001 Bob Burd, David Wright

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