Mt. Whitney - 14,491 ft.

Sun. Aug 12, 2001 (6a start)

RT Distance: 22.0 miles

Elev. Gain: 6223 ft.

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I have secured a dayhike permit for 15 hikers. The cost is $15 for each hiker. Your check or money order will reserve your spot on this permit. The available spots are open to anyone on a first come - first serve basis. There is an additional permit for 15 available via a second party on the same day. I will hold names for that permit as well. I must have a registered name for each person to be included on the permit. Make sure your friend(s) sign up if they want a spot on the permit. Send funds here. The regulations of the permit are somewhat painful. I cannot get the actual permit until 48 hours before the hike. This means I cannot send copies of the permit to those who have sent money. You will have to trust me on this and meet at the trailhead at the designated time (6a) on August 12. I will try to get copies made so you can carry it with you on the trail should the group separate.

Technically, this is the easiest of the Emblem Peaks. A well-maintained (and well-used) trail goes the entire route from the trailhead to the summit. But with over 6,000 feet of elevation gain, it is still a strenuous hike. A permit is needed for this hike, even as a dayhike. Should you plan to join us without having a reservation on our permit, your association with us will not be acknowledged. This practice is highly discouraged - the Forest Service is serious about this and will fine you accordingly.

6a start at the trailhead.


Bob Burd
Monty Blankenship
David Wright
Martin Blankenship
John Mayfield
Clem Akins


5hr:30m Sep 15, 1994 Bob Burd
11hr:5m Aug 11, 2001 Bob Burd, et al.

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