Dayhiking the HPS Peak List
2002 - 2011

Last Updated: 7/6/11

Dayhiking the HPS (Hundred Peaks Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club) list is not a difficult task and has been done by others previously. The most difficult peaks on the list are located in Santa Barbara County but even these pale compared to the difficult peaks of the SPS list. The HPS list is more about persistence for someone living 400 miles from the Los Angeles area. Much of it was done on various trips to visit relatives in the area or on my way to and from other relatives in the San Diego area. Thanks go initially to Matthew Holliman who I enlisted in the beginning stages. We spent many weekends in the Southern Sierra tackling the dozens of peaks in the area when other parts of the Sierra were closed by winter snows. Later, Adam Jantz was helpful in seeing me to the tops of many of the long dirt road drives in the eastern and western San Bernardino Mtns. The biggest thanks go to Tom Becht who joined me for dozens of these peaks over the past few years, many of dubious quality, a number of them repeats that he'd rather not have done a second time. The list finish was a long, hot day along the Yucaipa Ridge, traversing the last seven HPS summits from Galena to Allen. Laura Molnar and Tom were both there at the fly-infested summit of Allen to join me for a small celebration.

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