Dayhiking the SPS Peak List
1993 - 2010

Last Updated: 5/26/2021

This effort was begun around 2001 when it seemed that with enough effort, any peak in California could be dayhiked. Going after the SPS list in such a fashion seemed the best way to prove out this theory. Matthew Holliman got sucked into this as well just as he was starting to climb peaks on the list, and he went at it diligently until August of 2009 when he finished the list on The Hermit. I finished the list on Table Mtn Sept 23, 2010. JD Morris was the third person to dayhike the list, finishing on University Peak on Aug 15, 2020.

Peak list with TR links

SPS Newsletter article

For those interested, this is my ordered list for the hardest SPS peaks based on time:

  1. Scylla (with Hansen, Solomons) 23h40m (probably 18h via Echo Col)
  2. Picket Guard 22h15m (maybe 21h via Shepherd Pass)
  3. Observation Peak (with Shakspere) 22h (probably faster via Red Lake Trail)
  4. Table Mtn 21h15m (probably 20h solo)
  5. Finger Peak 21h (probably 20h via Blue Canyon)
  6. Tunemah Peak 20h30m
  7. Glacier Ridge 20h5m
  8. Kern Point 19h45m
  9. Thunder Mtn 19h30m (probably 19-20h via Shepherd Pass)
  10. Wheel Mtn 19h25m (probably 18h solo)
  11. Devils Crags 19h
  12. Mt. Reinstein 19h
  13. Whaleback 18h30m
  14. Volunteer Peak 18h15m
  15. Mt. McDuffie 18h10m
  16. Black Kaweah 18h
    Red Kaweah 18h
    Eagle Scout Peak 18h (probably 17h via Mineral King)
    Milestone Mtn 18h
    Midway Mtn 18h
    Pettit Peak 18h