Yerba Buena Island P300

Mar 26, 2024

With: Tom DiGiuseppe

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I spent the day on San Francisco with my brother-in-law. He had been recently diagnosed with ALS, a debilitating motor neuron disease for which there is no known cure. He is currently able to get around slowly with walking sticks, but this is likely to deteriorate over time. He had flown up from his home in Los Angeles to take part in a trial study at Sutter Hospital in San Francisco. While he was at the hospital, I spent a few hours walking the streets of San Francisco on a surprisingly fine day, weather-wise. After he was done at the hospital, we had lunch at a nearby Thai restaurant, then headed back over the Bay Bridge to Oakland for his 4pm flight back to LA. With a few hours to kill, we stopped at Yerba Buena Island to tag the highpoint, possibly our last peakbagging effort together.

Others have reported jumping fences and skirting Coast Guard security, but I'm happy to report that is a thing of the past. There are two summits to the island, the southeastern point being highest. Both summits are now open to the public, the conversion to parklands recently completed. We visited both, took in the tremendous scenery looking east to Oakland, west to San Francisco, and north to Angel Island, Alcatraz and Marin.

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