Peak 1,581ft
McCoy Mountain P300

May 16, 2024
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These two summits are located in upland Calabasas among some high-end gated communities. On PB, George Christiansen describes a TH at the end of Parkway Calabasas that he used to access McCoy Mtn. The problem is that there is no parking anywhere on Parkway Calabasas or nearby roads and you're left with a 2mi+ suburban walk from Calabasas Rd just to reach the start, as Ron Bartell subsequently commented. In fact, this is not really a trailhead at all, but where the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority trail crosses the road. A good trailhead is located near the western end of Calabasas Rd adjacent to US101. The trail system nicely allows one to tag both of these summits without having to hike on sidewalks.

I headed south from the TH for about a quarter mile to an unsigned junction. I turned left to cross the small creek, then begin a series of switchbacks that climbs east up and over a ridgeline to the next drainage and across a wooden bridge, then higher to the crest of the adjacent ridgeline where the first summit, Peak 1,581ft, is found squeezed between a neighborhood and a large water tank. A social trail leads off the main trail to the highpoint where a small solar-powered instrument is located. Back on the main trail, it then descends the SE side of the ridge in a series of tight switchbacks, a small engineering marvel that cost some good money to build on this steep slope. It seems to be holding up well despite some minor landslips. The trail then traverses the base of the ridge to cross McCoy Canyon and Parkway Calabasas where it then starts up undeveloped McCoy Mountain. I found the "welcome center" George described in his TR under some oaks north of the summit. A little further up the road past this, I cut right into the brush to make my way to the highpoint with only a bit of trouble. Brush was bad initially, but easier to wade through above. There's no obvious highpoint where a water tank has been half-hidden in a cutout in the middle of the summit that has been carved up to house it. I walked to a fence boundary and called it good, seeing as there was no obvious higher point on the other side of the fence. This one could be a drive-up if one can gain access to the gated community adjacent to it. I returned via the same route, making for an outing of 6.5mi with 1,700ft of gain, taking me a little under three hours at a leisurely pace.

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