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Fri, Oct 25, 2019
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With the weather cooperating better this week, I headed back to Northern California and the Coast Ranges west of Interstate 5, picking up a mix of P1Ks, other summits of interest, plus a healthy dose of bonus peaks for stat-padding purposes. That, and I just like hiking around new areas. Today was an abbreviated one because I had about 6hrs of driving to get me from San Jose. I left shortly after 6a, hitting little traffic, and was ready to hike to first peak soon after the noon hour had started.

Antelope Mtn/Peak 5,456ft

As a P1K, Antelope was the primary target on this 5mi outing. Both summits are located on private timber property. The well-graded and public Scarface Rd cuts across the mountains from Gazelle near I-5 to SR3 near Ft. Jones, and gets within a few miles of Antelope Mtn. There are good logging roads starting from Scarface Rd that nearly reach the summit. I didn't want to park so obviously near one of these gated roads, so I started off with some steep cross-country to reach the road network about half a mile above the gate. The roads see some, but not a lot of traffic judging by the tread marks. There are nice views along the road I traveled looking southwest to Shasta Valley and Mt. Shasta. With about 2/3mi to go, I left the good road to follow an old, no longer traveled spur road until it ended about 1/3mi to the summit. The remaining cross-country was pretty decent, mostly open terrain with some minor brush and trees to avoid at the top. I found the summit rocks with a benchmark and fallen survey tower. Views are a bit limited because of the many trees at the top. A red can was empty, possibly once holding a register. I left one of my own inside the can before heading back. Peak 5,456ft was an easy bonus only 1/3mi off my route. There was an old road through the manzanita up the South Ridge all the way to the summit making it pretty easy. No real views from this summit either. I was happy to get back to the jeep without sight or sound of another person, and no nasty note on the jeep.

Mineral Range HP

I drove the rest of Scarface Rd (I'm terribly curious about the etymology of this road's name - Al Pacino fan?) west to Scott Valley where I intended to visit Peak 6,108ft next. I saw a street sign for "Mineral Range Rd" and was immediately reminded that there was a range highpoint around here that I had yet to visit. Some quick work on the GPSr found a few road options and I soon found myself at the end of the driveable portion of one of these, about one and a quarter miles still from the summit. It would do. The area appears to be private and is signed as such, but I couldn't tell if it was a timber interest or private community. I found a few abandoned trailers and old buildings along the roads I followed, but nothing that looked lived in. Still, the roads looked to be used occasionally and I saw what looked like a new well pump or propane tank installed at one site. Again, I was happy to disturb no one and have no one disturb me. I hiked to the summit in about 35min, finding a colorful canopy of oaks over the top and a nice view southwest to Scott Valley.

Peak 6,108ft/Peak 5,479ft

These two summits are located north of Ft. Jones on the edge of the Klamath National Forest. Dennis Poulin had climbed Peak 6,108ft, the P1K, some years earlier and posted a TR on PB. Access from the north is through NF lands, on forest roads that start off decent enough but grow considerably brushy at the end, reaching nearly to the saddle between the two peaks. I climbed the P1K first, finding the same conditions Dennis described. I went up the brushy class 3 ridge pretty much the same as he did, then using the easier bypass on the way down. There are some good views looking west and north at a few places on the rocky section of ridgeline, but nothing elsewhere. The summit rocks had a small duck, but no register that I could find. Peak 5,479ft was a fun little bonus on the way back, only a quarter mile off the route and some scrambling on the summit rocks. There are several poles installed at the summit with white ribbons and held up by guywires. What, no flag?

After returning to the jeep, I showered and changed into some fresh clothes before driving back down the mountain. I found a quiet place to spend the night on forest lands a few miles further down the main road. Bigger day planned for tomorrow...


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