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Linn BM P300

Nov 25, 2021

With: Jackie Burd

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On our way from Santa Clarita to grandma's house in Rancho Bernardo, Jackie and I stopped for a few easy peaks in Riverside County, found north of the 91 freeway, sandwiched between the cities of Corona and Riverside. Driving through the LA metropolitan area on Thanksgiving Day is almost a treat, with hardly a slowdown to be found anywhere.

Beacon Hill

This small hill is located just west of the Interstate 15 freeway we were traveling south on, a short drive from the Sixth St exit. Neal Snipes Park lies at the foot of the hill on its south side. Just west of the park is a utility road going up to a buried water tank. A use trail leads from there to the summit. The rocky top has much graffiti and broken glass, likely a semi-popular hangout spot for teenage drinking. A white cross is found at the lower northeast end. Santa Ana winds were strong today, blowing dust from inland areas and making it hard to hear each other talk at the summit. On our way back down, we found a friendly gopher snake that we picked up and played with briefly, a fun little diversion.

Linn BM

This one is found about 3mi southeast of Beacon Hill. We drove through a residential horse community to find our starting point on Andalusian Dr on the southeast side. For the short hike, we followed a service road to a pair of water tanks south of the summit, then an informal trail to a saddle south of the summit and then up to the top, all in about ten minutes. We snapped a few pics in the strong winds, then headed back down before we started to get cold. Time to go visit grammy and eat some turkey...


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