Los Buellis Hills

Aug 20, 2018
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Los Buellis Hills are a minor subrange of the Diablo Range, so minor that it is hard to reconcile how they got the title "Hills" at all. Still, with 285ft of prominence, the highpoint was the nearest unclimbed summit to my home in San Jose. It had been on my radar for years, though at a very low level that never got much attention. I finally decided to pay it a visit one evening with half a moon to illuminate the scene. The problem is that there is a home within a few hundred feet of the summit and its hard to find parking in the area since parking on Sierra Rd is forbidden and the Sierra Vista OSP closes just after sunset. I ended up taking some advice from Sean Casserly who suggested an approach from the north allows one to reach the summit without passing in front of any homes. It's more like a northeast approach and the parking alongside Felter Rd is sketchy and almost non-existent, but it worked, so props to Sean. That side of the hill is used for grazing cattle and there were a few that silently watched me go up and down the slopes, though they didn't budge even when I passed within 100ft or so. The hike was barely more than 1/3mi and took little time. I crept up on the summit from the north, peered over enough to see the lights of the house just to the south, then beat a hasty retreat. The only dog barking came from the east side of Felter Rd, high on an adjacent hill and not really a problem. I was happy to get out of there and back down to civilization without anyone discovering my oddly parked vehicle on the side of the road...

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