Cloverdale BM P300

Feb 19, 2019
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Following a fun trip to the Las Vegas area over the holiday weekend, I drove with my wife in the morning to her mother's place in San Diego. While they were out shopping for a few hours in the afternoon, I went out to do a short hike east of Escondido. Cloverdale BM is a small hill located just west of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, north of San Pasqual Valley and SR78. I used Greg Gerlach's GPX track off PB, starting from a small City of Escondido TH on the northeast side of the peak. Only about 1/3 of the route is open to the public. One must cross a property boundary in order to access the upper 2/3 of the summit. It was easy enough to slip between the barbed-wire strands. There is a wooden cross at the summit and the expected benchmark on one of the large-ish summit rocks. With all the rains this year, the entire area is very green, unusually so for February. I took a few photos and returned the same way, taking a little more than half an hour for the outing. Like a good dirtbagger, I sat in the welcome sunshine outside and repaired my boots with some Shoe Goo. Should be good enough to get them to last the rest of this trip...


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