Crest Peak 5x P300 DS / RS

Sun, Feb 13, 2022

With: Cheryl Macaraeg
Don Brunnett
Lori Brunnett

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previously climbed Mon, Jan 21, 2019


This was the last day in Las Vegas with the my wife, cousin and his wife. The team was looking for a short hike with a good view, so I drove them up to Red Rock Summit in Red Rocks Canyon NRA for a hike to Crest Peak (called North Peak by the BLM). It's fairly short at one a quarter miles each way. The elevation gain runs about 800ft, a bit steep for the group, but we managed it in about an hour. It was a fairly clear day with tshirt weather. Some snow lingered on the north-facing slopes above about 6,000ft to add some contrast to the limestone and scrub slopes. There was significantly more snow in the higher reaches of the Spring Mtns, around Griffith Peak to the northwest. We probably spent as much time driving the 4WD road to Red Rock Summit and back as we did on the hike. The road seemed improved since I last drove it, but high-clearance is definitely needed and some tight turns around boulders would be difficult with a long wheelbase. Despite a very late start (11a), we were able to get back to our condo in time for the Superbowl (though I confess it was more for my cousin - I didn't really care who won and had no plans to watch it).


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