Mt. Dana 3x P2K SPS / WSC / PD

Sep 13, 2021

With: Jackie Burd

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previously climbed Jul 19, 2008


We'd spent the night camped between US395 and Mono Lake, a quiet little spot with a sandy floor that made Jackie's outdoor sleep more comfortable. We were up around 6a to start our day, a visit to Yosemite's second highest summit, Mt. Dana. Though it doesn't show up on the topo or park maps, there is a good trail that goes from Tioga Pass all the way to the summit, and is quite popular. It climbs 3,000ft in about 2.5mi, a good workout but nothing serious - probably about as much as Jackie would enjoy in her current shape. We got started early, at 7a, mostly so we could have the trail to ourselves as much as possible - Jackie's no fan of crowds, much like her dad.

There was one other car in the lot just west of the Tioga entrance station when we arrived. After packing up, we crossed the road to the south side and picked up the trail near the entrance booth. It follows along the Sierra Crest through forest before veering onto the west side. After about a mile, the trail emerges from the forest and begins the long, slow climb up the talus and boulder slopes that comprise Mt. Dana. It would take us two hours and 45min to make our way to the summit at a leisurely pace. There are numerous large cairns to mark the route through the larger rocks where it is easier to lose it - much like climbing a Colorado 14er. Jackie was sore from the previous day, but in fine spirits. The air was cool and clear, giving us far-reaching views that spread for many miles in all directions. I pointed out a number of peaks from the summit, including the park's highpoint, Mt. Lyell, to the south. Jackie has been wanting to do that one, too, but would need more prep work. We hung about the summit for almost half an hour, the place to ourselves, before starting back down. We ran into 3-4 other parties on our way back, far fewer folks than if this had been a weekend. We finished up back at Tioga Pass at noon. Time to head home...

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