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Thu, Feb 14, 2019
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With my wife reffing volleyball in Las Vegas during the long Presidents' Weekend, I made plans to meet up with her there. She would be flying in while I did the usual drive. Yet another storm was sweeping across CA and this one would see me driving in more rain than otherwise. Almost the entire drive across the Mojave Desert from Tehachapi Pass to past Barstow was strong rain - I had never experienced so much rain in the desert before, so this was kinda new. I planned to do some peaks north of the Afton Exit on I-15, about halfway between Barstow and Baker, but due to the rain I had to cut short my plans. I spent several hours at the end of the pavement waiting out the rain. The dirt/sand road I was planning to drive on had become a small creek during my wait. Eventually the rain relented, giving me a few hours to tag a couple of peaks. Neither was very difficult, hardly enough to call exercise. Oh well, at least I got do something...

Dunn BM

Found just north of the Interstate, I had to drive a few miles along a poweline road that parallels the freeway to get myself within about half a mile of the summit on its south side. While the route wasn't too steep, the rains had saturated the grounds leaving stuff quite loose. On the plus side, the rain also turned the sandy soils into a a soggy mush, so the ground tended to give way more slowly, making it a bit safer. The highpoint is found at the northwest end of a short summit ridgeline where I found a dilapidated survey tower, a cairn, a benchmark and a register left by Mark Adrian only six months earlier. The whole outing took something like 45min.

Peak 2,380ft

This unnamed summit is found on the south side of the freeway, a few miles from the Afton exit. There are telecom towers located near the summit with a somewhat rough road (high-clearance recommended) leading to them, making this nearly a drive-up. The hike to the summit was all of a few hundred yards with no real elevation gain. There is a good view of Cave Mountain to the east from the summit, though the heavy overcast kept things subdued. It was nearly 5p by the time I was back to the jeep, leaving me no time for anything else. The sun made a very brief appearance just before sunset to light up Cave Mtn and the Soda Mtns as I was heading out on I-15, but it soon grew dark and the rain returned, not stopping until after I'd reached the Nevada Border over an hour later.


Matt Yaussi comments on 02/14/19:
This was quite the epic rainstorm today. We recorded about 3 inches of rain at our house in Glendale, while Palomar Mountain down in San Diego County recorded just over 10 inches! It looks like Anza Borrego Desert State Park got a pretty good soaking as well.
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