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Tue, Jul 14, 2020
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At the start of a month-long roadtrip, the first day was primarily a lot of driving to get across two states. I stopped after about 8hrs in Elko to tag a few drive-ups with telecom installations at the summits. The roads were horribly dusty and it didn't take long to get a thick coating of dust on the back of the jeep and a finer layer of the stuff on the inside, too. The dirt road to Elko Mtn is almost 10mi each way, quite a haul, but the road is in good enough shape for any vehicle. It was 90F in Elko and 85F at the summit, so not all that enjoyable. The views were quite nice, with a panorama of the Ruby Mtns to the east and southeast, west to Elko, south to Lamoille and vast stretches of desert in other directions. The second peak was a smaller bonus just above Elko Summit (the road, not the mountain), and a much shorter drive. This road was a bit worse than that for Elko Mtn, but most cars can make it. After a few more hours of driving I would stop in Wendover for dinner, then head south to the Ibapah TH where I planned to spend the night.


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