Emerald Point

Sun, Dec 19, 1999

With: Michael Golden

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later climbed Sat, Feb 17, 2007


On Sunday, Michael and I drove back out to Emerald Bay with the idea of doing some scrambling along the Eagle Creek area. We climbed the southern face/ridge leading up to Emerald Point, though at the time it was just an unnamed peak on the map. Because of the southern exposure, there was little snow, and we found some excellent class 3-4 climbing up the entire route, and even some class 5 stuff. It was scary fun without ropes - highly recommended. Because it was unnamed on the maps, we christened it following the theme on some of the surrounding peaks (Jakes, Jacks, Dicks) using male names with a "k" in them, and called it Mikes Peak. Later Michael found it already had a name in common use.

On the way down we found some swell glissading and less swell bushwhacking through mixed snow-bush-rock-creek terrain. We took a whole bunch of photos, but in poor style I managed to tape over the ones I took on the digital camcorder. Duh.

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