Farwell Mountain P1K

Mon, Aug 2, 2021

With: Eric Smith

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My last day in Colorado would be a short one since I planned to drive west across the state and most of Utah in the afternoon. We set our sights on Farwell Mtn, a P1K in the northern part of Routt County. Our starting point from the pavement was at Hahns Peak Village on the south side of Hahns Peak. The road is long, muddy in places, and suitable only for high-clearance, 4WD, even in summer. There are communication installations at the summit and the road leads nearly to the top. The road starts by traveling through Hahns Village, a collection of rural homesteads that mostly look to have seen better days. It then passes into the adjacent national forest where the road degrades and the drive much slower. We passed through a sheep grazing area where angry sheepdogs took umbrage at our arrival. Had we been hiking or on bikes, we surely would have been driven away. Their barks and snarls were less effective from the comfort of our automobile. We spent over an hour driving the forest road, ending at the telecom installation. We had a short hike of less than 10min to the east to reach the highpoint. Clouds and haze obscured what might otherwise be fine views. We found a busy register among the summit rocks, but didn't bother photographing its many pages. This was probably the least amount of exercise I'd had in the last three weeks, not entirely unwelcome...


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