Hawk Hill P300 NN

Tue, Jul 14, 2015

With: Jackie Burd

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Jackie and I were heading north to the Kings Range to do some easy hiking and check out some big trees. There was some of the usual fog in San Francisco but the northern half of the city and all of Marin were clear and sunny, so we stopped in the Marin Headlands to take in the views and a very easy hike. We went to the top of Hawk Hill which has a fine overlook of the Marin Headlands, SF Bay and the Golden Gate. Though it was a Tuesday, the viewspots were all pretty full. We found a spot just below the top of Hawk Hill and hiked the few hundred yards to the summit. It is one of the WWII sites built to guard against a Japanese air attack, complete with tunnels, bunkers, gun emplacements (minus the guns, of course) and such. Lots of history around these sites. Must have been a pretty cush wartime assignment, considering the alternatives of getting shipped off to one of the active theaters. We ended up at a motel in Ukiah for the night. Off to the King Range in the morning...

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