Indian Hill

Feb 7, 2023

With: Cheryl Macaraeg

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My wife and I were due to drive home from our son's apartment in Claremont, where we had spent the night. Come morning, the usual nightmare that is LA traffic was in full swing, so we came up with a plan to wait out at least some of it by visiting the nearby California Botanical Garden. According to Wikipedia, it is the largest botanic garden dedicated to native California flora, with some 2,000 species on 86 acres. There is a $10/person entrance fee, $6 for seniors. It is also home to Indian Hill, a named summit on LoJ, which was my reason for choosing this distraction. It makes for a lovely hour or two, walking through the maze of its many paths, both of us revealing how few plant species we actually know. The highpoint has very little prominence, but sits among a circular path that surrounds it, along with a bench for rest or contemplation, certainly not for the weak views that are blocked by the native oak trees. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

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