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May 2, 2021
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Jackson Butte is the most prominent summit in the area around Jackson, mostly a drive-up. I saw it from a distance as I was driving SR88 into the Sierra for a short roadtrip and wondered about it. I checked when I got to Jackson and figured I should pay it a visit before the sun went down. Lisa Barboza visited it in 2019 with a torn heel tendon, so I knew it wouldn't take much time. The road leading to the summit is signed for No Trespassing about half a mile from the summit, but ungated. The road is shared by a resident who lives in a nice view home on the side of the mountain, and I'm guessing the signs are his. I drove up the road past his driveway, stopped shortly by the locked gate going to the summit. I parked in the roadway and walked the short distance to the top. There is the shell of an old brick building (home?) below the summit. On the north side of the road is the guy's home in plain sight. Lots of antennae around it, like an amateur radio enthusiast. The summit has a single, very tall tower and some utility sheds. The highest point is in some rocks outside the fence. Views are limited by trees, but can be had in most directions from the road.


Clint Baechle comments on 05/05/21:
Lived on this mountain during my highschool years. My parents still live on it. Used hike up to the top from my backyard! The old abandoned building was a radio station.
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