Kealaloloa Ridge

Dec 16, 2016
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On my last full day on Maui I made plans to get together with my old high school friend for a second day. We were planning to get together at 11a so I found myself with a few free hours in the morning. The expectded showers didn't arrive overnight so I decided to take a short hike on the Lahaina-Pali Trail that goes across the southeast shoulder of West Maui. The ancient trail was used up until the 20th century to get from the Lahaina area to Central Maui, a rough route that climbs from sea level to 1,600ft before dropping down again. It has since been rendered obsolete by the construction of the coast road which is Hwy30 in its present incarnation. Kealaloloa Ridge rises perpendicular to the trail at roughly the halfway point along the trail, a rather unridge-like feature that lies between two drainages. The large wind turbines of West Maui are found just to the west of Kealaloloa Ridge across one of the drainages. LoJ has identified a small bump along the ridge as its "summit" and it was to this I gravitated, though really it was just an excuse to get some fresh air while the sun was shining. The normally brown slopes were unusually green, thanks to the helpful dose of rain that had been delivered over the past few weeks. There was a good deal of overcast with the little bit of sun that got through, rendering the views marginal at best. The sun rising over the hump of Haleakala to the east washed out views in that direction and to Maalaea Bay. I found the summit completely unremarkable, but it was a good way to stretch my legs before heading off to meet Tom.

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