Knibbs Knob 2x CC / NN
Loma Prieta 2x P2K CC

Mon, Jun 26, 2023
Knibbs Knob
Loma Prieta
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Knibbs Knob previously climbed Tue, Jan 27, 2009
Loma Prieta previously climbed Fri, Jan 5, 2007

I decided to revisit another iconic summit in the South Bay - Loma Prieta, a P3K and the highest summit in the Santa Cruz Mtns. I had first visited it 14yrs earlier, via much the same route, starting from Uvas Canyon County Park. It is not the easiest way to reach the summit, but one of the more sporting at 12mi with 3,200ft of gain. It is now required to get an online $6 day-use pass to visit the park, probably to reduce congestion on the narrow, winding access road. I was at the entrance gate dutifully just before the park opens at 8a, and happy to find they had opened things up a few minutes early. Finding the start of the Knibbs Knob Trail is a little tricky - one must walk the campground road for a quarter mile, then turn left through a group campsite to access the start of the trail. The trail is really a steep, decently-graded dirt road that climbs to the crest of the range and Summit Rd in a little over two miles. Knibbs Knob is a bonus peak with little prominence found off a spur road before reaching the crest. It took me just under an hour to cover the two miles to the top of Knibbs Knob where a picnic table is found and weak views due to the surrounding trees.

After a very quick stay atop Knibbs Knob, I returned to the main trail and followed it up to the park boundary at the crest where Summit Rd is found. The next two miles along Summit Rd heading northwest are public, though lined with private property and residences on both sides. A handful of cars went by on both the outbound and return, but they either waved or just ignored me. At the junction with Loma Prieta Av, Summit Rd becomes signed for Closed Area/Authorized and Resident Vehicles Only. After about half a mile, a 4-way junction is encountered. I took the middle fork that switchbacks up to Loma Prieta. I passed by several gates, both open, reaching the top at the 2hr20min mark. There is a collection of telecom installations found scattered about the large summit area. The highpoint is inside the fenced area at the north end of the summit. One can get within a few feet of the summit rock from the outside. Alternatively, there is a small gap under the entrance gate for those whose determination exceeds their portliness. Views stretch off in all directions, as one might expect from a range highpoint. On my way back down from the summit, I passed by a PG&E utility truck on the last switchback to reach the summit. Like the others, he simply waved and went about his business. I spent the next two hours working my way back via the same route, finishing up shortly before 2:30p. I was just under of the 4.5hr mark for the entire outing.

It appears that Summit Road may be open to the public for its entire length. I was sent this link by Pete Klimek via email.

Sean K comments on 07/05/23:
In practice, Summit Road is indeed open to the public for it's entire length. I've driven and biked it a couple times and passed numerous people with nothing more than smiles and waves.
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