Laurel Hill 2x P300

Jan 26, 2018

With: Steve Sywyk

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previously climbed Sep 20, 2010

After two days of rainy weather, the sun came out to paint a very different picture for our Friday picnic. I chose an outing to Laurel Hill in Coyote Valley, starting from the fairly new Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. Though only about 4sq miles in size, we found it quite delightful. The hills were a lovely green, the air crisp and clear. The park is comprised of rolling hillsides on the west side of the valley above a patchwork of farms, orchards and empty fields. A very good trail was constructed that makes a winding 5mi loop around the property with view benches and picnic tables sprinkled throughout. We saw plenty of deer, a few rabbits, cattle and even a posse of vultures picking the bones of a medium-sized mammal. In order to reach Laurel Hill, we had to leave the OSP trail near the southernmost part of the trail, following an old ranch road through a chained (but unlocked and unsigned) gate to the highpoint about half a mile away. The highpoint is nothing special, but has decent views looking west and north. Interestingly, it appears David Sanger was up at the summit shortly after us and passed by while we were picnicking at the northern view spot back inside the OSP. Small world...

anonymous comments on 07/14/22:
Laurel Hill is on private land. Please stop trespassing. This seems to be a common theme with you and your hikes. You will be prosecuted if we catch you.
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