Mastodon Peak 3x LPC / DS

Thu, Dec 22, 2022

With: Jackie Burd
Richard Boone

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previously climbed Sat, Dec 6, 2014


Looking for an easy hike, I took Jackie and Richard to Joshua Tree for a hike of Mastodon Peak out of the Cottonwood Springs TH. The loop hike is a little over two miles, starting at the Cottonwood Spring oasis and climbing modest elevation to reach the Mastodon Mine and nearby summit. Most of it is on a well-maintained Park Service trail. There is a bit of easy class 2-3 scrambling at the very top to reach the highest boulders. Temps were around 50F at 8a on the summit, quite nice. When we finished the hike, I asked the others if they wanted to do another hike or some jeeping around, and they chose the latter. We ended up driving the entire 19mi of the Pinkham Canyon 4x4 road that goes around the Cottonwood Mountains, starting from the visitor center and ending up at the Colorado River Aqueduct and Interstate 10. We let Richard drive most of it, his first experience driving off-road. He had fun, but isn't ready to commit to the Jeep Life. Just yet, anyway...


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