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Oct 8, 1988
Monument Peak
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Monument Peak later climbed Jul 11, 2022

While on a gambling visit to South Lake Tahoe, I got it into my head that it would be fun to hike to the top of Monument Peak, the highpoint of Heavenly Valley ski area. Starting from the parking lot, I hiked directly up Gun Barrel to the top of the tram. There were a few service employees about, but I did my best to avoid them lest I be told to get off the mountain (I had no idea if this was allowed or not). It took some time to reach the summit, but there are plenty of service roads available to make this nothing more than a long walk on a dirt road. But the views from the summit were fine, though I was surprised to find there were even higher peaks nearby to the south (Freel and Jobs Sister). Those would be saved for another day. The best views are to the north towards Lake Tahoe which stretch out below you from the highest point on the Tahoe rim. Simply gorgeous - and one of the reasons skiing at Heavenly is a popular winter pasttime.

From the summit I followed the NE Ridge down towards East Peak. On the way down I more or less jogged a direct line down, forgoing the use of the service roads as I had on the way up. While this was fun and moderately exciting, it ended up trashing my left foot. The next day I could hardly walk, and it was six months before it healed completely. Either I would have to be more careful on such foolhardy adventures, or I would have to force my feet into submission by more such poundings. In the end I chose to do the latter.

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