Mountclef Ridge P300
Lizard Rock

Nov 21, 2018

With: Jackie Burd

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Thanksgiving was upon us, time for the yearly ritual of long drives and bad traffic to visit family in Southern California. I picked up my daughter from school in Santa Barbara at noon, then suffered the drive south on the Ventura Freeway. Traffic this time seemed worse than usual, perhaps due to the gawking that slows traffic following the Woolsey Fire that swept across the freeway and burned its way to the Pacific Ocean. It has been many years since this area has burned so completely and I must confess I did my own share of gawking to take it all in. We stopped in the Thousand Oaks area off Lynn Rd to visit the Wildwood Regional Park for a hike. We visited two of its features, Lizard Rock and the park highpoint of Mountclef Ridge. We spent about an hour and a half visiting on our hike. The Mesa Trail cuts across the park with a spur trail going to the top of Lizard Rock. Use trails can be found going up to Mountclef Ridge by various means. We went up one of these and down another, finding a bit of fun scrambling along the ridge. The highpoint itself was a little disappointing, just a small collection of rocks half-buried under brush and stunted trees, old clothes strewn about one side as though someone had camped up here at one time. The views in general from the ridge are nice, south across the park and north into Santa Rosa Valley. The fires burned the western edge of the park and appear to have been stopped at Lizard Rock by a combination of hastily-made firebreaks, existing trails and a drop of fire retardant. Though the stuff looks redish-orange from a distance, it is bright pink up close. It was interesting to note which trees and shrubs managed to survive the fast-moving fire and which were decimated. After shaking the dust out of our boots back at the trailhead we got back on the freeway and continued our journey. It was Jackie's first hike since being dropped off at school so she was grateful for the opportunity to stretch her legs...

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