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May 25, 2022
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Today was forecast to be the warmest of the week, about 83F, and a bit too warm for my liking. The Jeep was in need of an oil change and tire rotation, so I decided to do some easy peaks in the early morning, then head back for the TLC the Jeep was requesting.

Mule Hill BM

This minor summit is found southeast of Escondido, overlooking the San Dieguito River and east of Lake Hodges and Interstate 15. Most of the hill has been developed, including the summit on which sits a spawling suburban estate. One can get very close to the highpoint from the south at the end of Inspiration Ln. It takes only a few minutes to hike from the cul-de-sac to the edge of the property through an undeveloped parcel. It's not as creepy as it might appear since the southern fence of the property is covered in shrubs, rendering a visitor unnoticed. The same can't be said for a smaller property just to the west, where a visitor can be seen easily from the backyard. I made this my first stop since I didn't expect anyone would be outside when I visited shortly after 6a.

Peak 2,130ft

This unnamed summit is located in the Cleveland National Forest north of Ramona. In fact, it is very close to Orosco Ridge which I'd visited a month earlier. Not sure why I didn't visit this one then, but it would have made more sense. I drove the dirt Orosco Truck Trail out of Pamo Valley, a bit rutted and barely maintained, but easily drivable with high-clearance. I parked northeast of the summit, not even a quarter mile away. An old motorcycle track runs west up the east slope to the summit ridge. Once on the summit ridge, light bushwhacking leads to the summit rocks a short distance to the south. Mark Adrian had left a register here in 2019 while with the Monday Maniacs. It took only 20min for the roundtrip effort.

Peak 2,605ft

This one is also in the Cleveland NF, about 5mi SSW of Black Mtn, just off dirt Black Canyon Rd. This is a well-graded road that any vehicle can drive. In fact, it was being regraded while I was there. A guy and his dog were camped at the TH when I arrived. The dog was small and non-threatening. I said hello to the guy in the tent as I went by, but got no reponse. I was some ways past the tent when he came out to investigate my Jeep. He eventually turned and saw me up the hill as we waved to each other. He said something about having bad hearing. I can relate. The hike is about a quarter mile each way, following a use trail that gets progressively harder to follow. I lost it both on the way up and the way down, albeit briefly. Larry Edmond left a register at the summit rocks back in October. Seems the Mark Adrian register was wet when Larry found it. There was no sign of the older register, save some rusty cans. Less than 20min for the roundtrip on this one.


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