Mummy Mountain P300
Peak 1,390ft P300

Fri, Sep 12, 2014

With: Steve Sywyk

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In the foothills of the Diablo Range between Morgan Hill and Gilroy lies a pair of lakes as part of the Santa Clara Valley Water District's reservoir system. Parks at Anderson Lake and Coyote Lake offer recreational opportunities including boating, fishing, camping and hiking. The hiking is generally along ranch roads where grazing rights are still exercised. At this time of year the hills are a golden brown, the grasses having all gone to seed. Possibly due to the continuing drought, there are no cattle to be seen in September, but there is ample evidence of their grazing and pooping to be found. We hiked about 10mi going from south to north across the park, and then back south again. At either end are a pair of minor summits that were the focus of our visits, though they turned out to be rather bland. Both had summits that were buried in a clump of oaks and boulders, making for some awkward hiking to stand atop the highest point. The first had a modest view west to Coyote Valley, but the second had none at all. Views were fine enough along the trails, however, both west to Coyote Valley as well as east to Coyote Lake with Timber and Sheep Ridges behind it. The temperatures were pleasant enough when we started around 9:30a and a slight breeze helped some as the morning developed, but it was quite warm, probably 85-90F by the time we finished around 1:30p. There had been a few other park visitors when we had started, but they were all gone by the time we finished - they knew enough to avoid the heat and get their hiking done earlier. The best time of year to visit the park is undoubtedly in the springtime when the hills are all a brilliant green and the wildflowers are in bloom to add some color. Late summer and fall - not so great...

boyblue comments on 09/12/14:
I was there a week or two earlier and was very disappointed by the summit of Mummy. The hike itself was very scenic and enjoyable. :-)
Sean Reedy comments on 09/13/14:
Aside from Sprig Lake TH at Mt. Madonna, this is my other top choice for trail running when I don't want to drive more than 10-15 minutes to hit the trails. Indeed, the actual summits aren't very impressive, but yes the higher sections of trail are often beautiful. Cool, breezy days are great, as are partially foggy mornings or evenings. Yep, spring is great as well. By the way, there is a picnic table with a view of the lake and valley if you bushwhack up to point 1292 north of the Mummy Mountain highpoint. The old roadbed used to be clear up to that highpoint before the scenic Mummy Mountain trail was built sometime in the past five years. I encounter wild pigs most visits and that trail is the sole location where I experienced a bluff charge. I think it was more directed at my dogs than at me.
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