Wasatch County HP

Wed, Jul 26, 2006

With: Ryan Burd
Jackie Burd

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On a motorhome trip returning from Colorado, Ryan and I wanted to tag one of the Utah county highpoints to add to our collection. With his 7yr-old sister in tow, we had to find something easy. Wasatch County fit the bill. The highpoint is on the west side of Murdock Mountain at the 10,840-foot level about half a mile from the road, a fairly easy cross-country jaunt. Even Jackie could do it. And despite our lack of a GPS to verify the location, we managed to find several of the handful of cairns that have been built on the hillside to commemorate the nebulous location. On our way back down the road we stopped at the Provo River Falls which turned out to be a nice scenic stop. Ryan went in the river looking for fish, but came up emptyhanded.

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