Sleeping Giant 2x
Nonou Mountain 2x P900

Sun, Dec 23, 2007

With: Ryan Burd
Jackie Burd
Cheryl Macaraeg

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Sleeping Giant previously climbed Sun, Apr 23, 2006
later climbed Sat, Jan 4, 2020
Nonou Mountain previously climbed Sun, Apr 23, 2006
later climbed Sat, Jan 4, 2020

This was my second visit to this semi-famous lanmark on Kauai, not far from the town of Kapaa, just north of Lihue. I brought the family along this time, including 8-yr old Jackie who started off very enthusiastically. The trail was muddier than I had remembered and far muddier than the family would have liked, which gave it a mixed bag in the reviews afterwards.

One short section of the trail was washed out by rains making for what almost (but no quite) amounted to a class 3 section that the others rather enjoyed. Jackie was pretty tired ("How much further now?") by the time we got to the lower north summit, so Mom and her stopped at the picnic shelter while son Ryan and I continued the short distance to the highpoint. We stopped briefly at the chin to take in the views from the narrow perch before heading up to the less-scenic highest point where the USGS benchmark is located. We found the geocache/register tucked away in a different location from my last visit, and Ryan dutifully signed us into its ledger. On the way down we explored the caves just under the chin before rejoining the rest of the family back at the picnic benches. The descent was pretty uneventful, but the mud on our shoes would remain for the rest of our stay on Kauai and it wasn't until we got home more than a week later that I cleaned the famous red dirt off the litter of boots.

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